To arrive at a local private sector company that is able to provide international what is informative speech and example standard of services and product in different advanced technology.

To explore and seize the available opportunities in Iraq and be one of the pioneers in the field we major in by investing  the company’s technical experience ,manpower, time and assets in project that will participate in developing the country and emerging it into the global economy while utilizing the country resources.

Toways to make your essay longer achieve the mission we are set out for, this company must achieve the list of goals in guidance of the company vision and within the company policies and regulation these goals are as follows:

  • Set up internal system and standards that enable the company to move towards its mission.
  • To build the technical capacity of the staff and local site labor by continuous knowledge transfer and utilizing all possible means of training.
  • Achieve the completion of the projects the company engages in, at heights international technical standers with provision of ’’ top of the line” equipment and machinery.
  • Maintain site and office staff and security .
  • Maintain a cultural sensitive approach while implementing the projects.
  • Maintain real-time quality control on and off site to maximize thehow to write implications in a research paper impact of work efficiency, accuracy and steady progress.
  • Achieve completion and handover of the project to the client within the time frame set for the project.
  • Engaging the end-users of the projects in every set of the project works and conducting operation and maintenance hands-on training as a final phase of each project.

Danny Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2010 by engineer Danny and a group of staff and officially registered in 2013 , where the company is the implementation of projects and the establishment and rehabilitation of infrastructure in the electricity and Telecom sectors , information technology, security and Alandmh and other technologies as well as engineering design and engineering consultancy team is composed of the Board administration with administrative and economic experience and a wide range of engineers and technicians in government research paper topics various engineering disciplines and the company has accomplished many vital projects in various private and public sectors and in all Iraqi provinces .

Danny proved company technology excellence in the completion of important projects in the field of technology and Telecom especially in the area of ​​Internet services and industry laboratories to control devices in accordance with international standards of international Bastkhaddan equipment and materials of high quality .In October the company embarked on the design and implementation of network security project called saffronsecurity project where the company has all the design requirements of the project , study and implementation , which is one of the most vital projects in the capital Baghdad .

Although Danny Technologies, Inc. specializes in the areas mentioned below. But it has the technical capability necessary to implement any project related engineering work and experience.-military eq. – UAV system- Internet systems (Fiber Optic and in SAT, etc.).- Telecom systems (internal and external wired and wireless          PBX).- Fire extinguishing systems.- Control systems.- Security systems (wired and wireless).- Systems surveillance cameras (wired and wireless and all its                     subsidiaries).- Energy systems.- Protection of banks systems- Set all networks (internal anexternal wired and wireless).- Engineering Laboratory devices manufacturing (all branches of engineering).- Broadcasting systems.- Sound systems (public IP).- All electronic maps and engineering designs.- Supply and installation, programming, operation and training all the paragraphs above.

This completed during the decade Danny Technologies, Inc. 88 project in 8 provinces covered projects all technical and engineering fields correlated with a total value amounted to 18,987,890,00 million US dollars . – Saffron security project .- Project Danny optical signal .- Project function Jadiriyah .- Project Mamoun .- A project of the Ministry of Finance.- Airport control project .There are other projects in all technical areas .

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